Color In Motion



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Interview With Triangl Swimwear!



Recently when I was looking for a new bikini that wouldn’t fall off when taking off a wetsuit during my upcoming trip to Bali and Gili Air, my friend told me about this swimwear brand ‘Triangl’, she said that their bikinis are in neoprene (which is wetsuit material) I thought that was a pretty cool idea but didn’t really know what to expect. I mean neoprene, it’s not like a wetsuit looks particularly sexy or feels comfortable. But curious enough i decided to check them out on Instagram… Yes, I LOVE instagram… follow me here  🙂

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My Summer Inspiration



Summer is on its way and since I booked my first trip of this fantastic season I am totally obsessed with Summer and the Summer feeling. I’m going to Bali and Gili Air in 25 days! (Yes, I’m doing a countdown… 🙂 ). I’m so excited for this trip as I have been wanting to go there for like the last 4-5 years and every time something came in between. But no stopping me this time!

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