Photo Of The Week; Week 1

Hi all, so I decided to start a new ‘section’ on this blog… Picture Of The Week. I know it’s not very original and yes, I did get the idea from other blogs but I just think it’s a fun way to recap your week and show what’s been going on. So every Wednesday I will show 5 of my most liked pictures on instagram from the previous week. 

Here we go for the first week:



This one is taken at home on the couch when my buddy Max came to give me a kiss after I shared my food with him again. So sweet…



Just a selfie taken at the office…



Sunday; Funday at the pool!



Selling fresh lemonade at the charity market… This was such a fun afternoon but it was so hot and humid! Can’t wait for the next one.



Drinking Vodka – Red Bull Asian style… In a bucket!

Which one is your favorite picture of this week? 

Don’t forget to check out my instagram account… C by Char.


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