Beautiful Sunsets & Great People On Gili Air


Hope you enjoyed the Gili Air posts because this will be the last one… until I go back of course 🙂

Every night I was there around sunset I was totally mesmerized how beautiful the scenery and the sunset actually is… So much that when I came back I realized I had about 100+ pictures of just sunsets on my camera so it seemed like a good idea to share some with all of you!

Watching the sunset was a double feeling for me… On one side I felt so lucky to be able to enjoy it and watch this beautiful miracle of nature but it also made me a bit sad because then I realized it was another day off my holiday that is gone… haha I know it’s a bit silly but anyway it made always a bit emotional… oops!


The sunsets also brought drinks and parties with it… Most nights I kept it quite calm and went to bed quite early actually… the diving made me soooo tired… Totally felt like a grandma 🙂 But there were also a few really good nights… One of those was when Steve finished his Divemaster Training and had to undergo\celebrate his graduation. A part of that is that you have get dressed up and drink 60 shots!! yes 60!!! luckily they are mixed with a lot of orange juice but it still looks quite challenging and not particularly the most appealing combination of drinks put together… vodka, orange juice, beer, and about any other alcoholic drink that you can find around you…

IMG_0983Here comes the bride!


IMG_0999A small part of the shots that are waiting for him…






I really liked as well how the clouds always seemed so dramatic in the background hanging over Lombok… Almost seems like the beginning of some epic movie.



IMG_1029Almost at the end! I couldn’t believe how fast he drunk them all! I think he finished those 60 shots in like less than 5 minutes… ripped through them! I think most people (incl. me) expected things to get quite ugly (read: that he wouldn’t be able to keep them all down… sorry Steve, no offense on your drinking skills but 60 shots?! ) But he did really well! Congratulations Steve, you make a lovely bride!



IMG_1021Haha not the most flattering picture… I actually look quite scary there but I realized it’s the only one I have of Joeri and me…


The end!

Which sunset picture is your favorite?


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