Interview With Triangl Swimwear!



Recently when I was looking for a new bikini that wouldn’t fall off when taking off a wetsuit during my upcoming trip to Bali and Gili Air, my friend told me about this swimwear brand ‘Triangl’, she said that their bikinis are in neoprene (which is wetsuit material) I thought that was a pretty cool idea but didn’t really know what to expect. I mean neoprene, it’s not like a wetsuit looks particularly sexy or feels comfortable. But curious enough i decided to check them out on Instagram… Yes, I LOVE instagram… follow me here  🙂

Anyway back to Triangl… if you check out their instagram account you will know why I ended up wanting to interview them and ordering several bikinis. Forgive me for thinking neoprene can’t be sexy! Their swimwear looks amazing! No wonder they are all the craze right now! I really fell for their style… It was love at first sight! Hard to say what I like most about it but I love how they look to fit so perfectly and of course they look simple but actually really unique. I bet if you’ve seen them once you will definitely recognize their style. The great thing about the neoprene material is that it really sticks to your body so everything will stay in place. I bet most girls had at least one wardrobe malfunction in the sea or feel conscious to make sure your lycra bikini stays where it is supposed to be. Well none of that with the neoprene material.

Plus their instagram account and their website look awesome! Talk about branding and making us desperate for Summer even more.

Because we were also interested in this rather new brand for ROUGE, I decided to contact Erin, the co-founder of Triangl to see if she was interested in an interview… Lucky for us she was!

Let me first give you some more info on this must have swimwear brand.

Triangl was founded only just recently in 2012 by an Australian couple, they took the swimwear market by a storm and soon after that, thanks to their fantastic designs and their social media marketing Triangl absolutely exploded! Guess they found a hole in the market. They realized that in order to keep up the quality of their product they have to move to Hong Kong to be closer to the factories etc. so that’s where they have been based ever since.


As you probably have noticed yourself TRIANGL is creating quite the storm recently in the swimwear world. Where do you think the hype comes from? What is according to you the main appeal of TRIANGL?

We worked really hard to create a bikini that was less than $100 USD a set, without compromising on the quality. We wanted a designer fashion bikini, that wouldn’t cost too much money! And we didn’t think many brands In the world were really targeting the customer who wanted that.

We also design all our bikinis in Neoprene. This is a relatively new Swimwear fabric, and is exciting! It fits really well and smoothes the body, and gives a high fashion feel to swimwear that has previously been unseen.

How did you go about working with Neoprene material?

It’s great! We absolutely love this fabric as It looks amazing on and feels so great. It definitely takes some getting used to, as it’s 2mm thick compared to regular Nylon blends which are so thin and stretchy. But once you make the adjustment, there’s no turning back. If I try a Nylon bikini on now, I feel so unsupported and almost naked! Neoprene makes you feel secure, and sexy!


What advice would you give women when they are choosing their TRIANGL bikini?

We have 24/7 email support and Live Chat, so if you’re online and unsure of the fit, colour, size or anything else – ask our girls! They are all fully trained to help our customers find the perfect bikini and are there to handle any question!

We also offer full exchanges and refunds, so if you do pick the wrong size first up, you can swap it over with no problems!

We just want our customers to be happy with their Triangl, and will go to any lengths to ensure that happens!

How did moving from Melbourne to Hong Kong affect the brand?

We moved from Australia to Hong Kong with the intention to start our brand. We knew it was critical for us to step away from our normal routine and life and be 100% focused on getting the business off the ground. Hong Kong allowed us to live and breathe Triangl, and still does! We love Hong Kong, it’s a vibrant city and is very central to the rest of the world. It allows us to be creative and also completely business minded. It’s the perfect place for us for now, and the foreseeable future!


Where do you see TRIANGL in the future? Any new upcoming projects you can share with us?

We are always thinking of what’s next. And we are actually developing a new category, however we are unable to share that with anyone as yet. It’s exciting times coming up, and we have so much more to offer our customers. We aren’t even two years old yet, we are just a baby – just getting started!

Since when are you active on social media?

We launched our Instagram page at the same time as we started the label! It has been consistently growing since we started, and is our main way to speak to our customers daily!

How did social media become your main marketing strategy?

We just loved the idea of sharing our product / concept / aesthetic on a daily basis, without being too invasive through sending out multiple emails. Instagram is user controlled, so the girls can choose how often they check in on what’s going on with our brand! We were very lucky to get involved with social media just as it was blossoming, and the competition wasn’t as fierce as it is today!

triangl 1

Your brand really makes people long for Paradise, what does Paradise mean for you?

Paradise is starting a sunny, hot day on the beach with a coconut in hand  and ending it in bed with my laptop and phone – working away! I live my dream every day, so it always feels like paradise! How lucky are we?!

TRIANGL ships worldwide!

Shop here

All images are owned by TRIANGL

What is your idea of a perfect paradise?


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