In Love With Hong Kong


Who doesn’t love Hong Kong? This city has everything to offer!

We went very unexpected this weekend. Booked the ticket on Friday around lunch time and went the next morning. It was a short but very fun weekend in one of the greatest cities on this planet. Living in Xiamen it’s always nice to get away from time to time and experience life outside China. My fellow expats in China will most likely agree with me that once in a while you just need to get out.  Living in the south of China our escape is often Hong Kong.  What a city this is! Everytime I’m here I just love it more and more. It has everything to offer… shopping, incredible food, musea and exhibitions, amazing views, great parks, the beach, mountain hikes just nearby for when you want to escape the city for a bit and very efficient public transport.  It’s so easy to just be in a city like this and there is something to enjoy for everybody.




This weekend we just wanted to enjoy all the things we can’t have in Xiamen so we got into Hong Kong in the morning and made it to our hotel first to check-in and leave our bags there. We always stay on the Island side so this time we wanted to stay on the Kowloon side. We found Eaton hotel which looked pretty good and price was actually ok, this is always the trick in Hong Kong. Finding a nice hotel that won’t make you go broke before you even get there.  So I would definitely recommend Eaton Hotel on Nathan Road. In the beginning I was a little bit sceptic about staying on the Kowloon side because it’s so much more hectic and there are a LOT of mainlanders who don’t always get along with the Hong Kongers but in the end it’s actually a pretty good deal as the MTR will get you to the island side in no time plus Eaton hotel is really close to Harbour City which is one of the great malls in Hong Kong. Name a brand and you will most likely find it in Harbour City. Don’t forget to take a map of the mall when you go in because it’s HUGE! It’s like a city within a city 🙂

One of our favorite places in Hong Kong to go for lunch in Nha Trang. It’s a chain of Vietnamese restaurants in Hong Kong so we both were really looking forward to go there again and enjoy some Vietnamese goodies. On the way there we past about a million bakeries that all looked better than the one we passed before. That’s how it goes in Hong Kong… Food is always on your mind because the options are endless. In the evening we went to one of my all time favorite restaurants called ‘Latitude 22’ in Soho. It’s a Spanish tapas restaurant run by an English guy, he is also the chef. I know, weird right? But the food is just out of this world! I’ve tried most things on the menu and I have never been disappointed. If you ever go, definitely try the mushroom crostini, their signature dish with chorizo and wild mushroom, any of the flatbreads and the shrimps. Latitude 22 is not one of these fancy places though with great views. If you want to enjoy a stunning Hong Kong skyline view I would recommend to go to Aqua near TST on the Kowloon side and head for dinner to Latitude 22. The atmosphere in this gem in Soho is very laid back and no-nonsense. We really had such an enjoyable evening here. Can’t wait to go back again!

(sorry for the lack of restaurant and food pictures but at lunch I was way too hungry to think about pictures and on our date night I didn’t really feel like carrying around a big camera)



IMG_0721I really liked this little shop in Harbour City called ‘LUSH’. Their packaging and presentation was really cool. This is soap btw 🙂

Their cosmetics and skincare are handmade and against animal testing!




The rest of the weekend we just wandered around, did some shopping, more eating, catching up with friends of Jackson (at another Vietnamese place haha)and went to the cinema. We went to see Godzilla in 3D! Awesome movie! 🙂

I know going to the movies is maybe not the first thing on the list to do when you’re on a citytrip but we’ve both been to this city so many times that we don’t really want to do all the touristy things over and over again. Although I do want to go on the star ferry every time I’m in Hong Kong. It’s one of the oldest ferries in the world and there is something so nostalgic about it. Plus the views are insane!





IMG_0780yes, we LOVE Garrett’s popcorn… FYI: It’s in IFC 🙂




This was pretty much our short but fun weekend in Hong Kong… One of my favorite cities!

What is your favorite city?


10 thoughts on “In Love With Hong Kong

  1. Loved seeing Hong Kong through your eyes. It’s a country I can’t wait to visit. Mmm..fav city. I’d have to say that Tokyo is pretty cool. Love the transport, love Disneyland, love the shopping, love the food, love the fashions..

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  2. I love Hong Kong too But San Francisco would be my favourite overall. Great photos and you both lookas though you are really enjoying your week end away in HK


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