Trip Down Memory Lane: The Great Wall 2007



Our view from The Great Wall in Beijing back in 2007

Going to The Great Wall was definitely the highlight of that trip… It’s one of the most famous sights in the world… It’s one of the Wonders of the World and it’s just so grand as well. Going to The Great Wall was probably one of my first overwhelming ooooohhhwwww moments. It was just magnificent! I totally loved the view from up there… looking over the mountains standing on a fortification that was built centuries ago and that caries so much history. It made me feel very humble and grateful for having the chance to see this.

There are several places outside of Beijing where you can go visit the Great Wall. Badaling is probably the most well-known spot but also the most touristy one, touristy in China means thousands of people in one small area. Luckily we went to Simatai, bare in mind that this is over 7 years ago and back then Simitai was not a popular spot to go to The Great Wall and we were very fortunate to be almost alone up there, together with the occasional helper who guides you up and who literally will hold your hand on the steep parts, of course this isn’t for free but if it gives these people a living than I was more than happy to give them a few yuan. I actually wonder if I would still accept their help now… after 4 years in this country and slowly creating a love-hate relationship with China. It probably depends how busy it is exactly, how steep it is and slippery and how pushy the helpers have gotten recently.

Still to this day going to The Great Wall was one of the best experiences ever. There is something very magical about visiting one of the Wonders of the World, plus I’m always really perplexed by great mountain views as well and this one was definitely out of this world!

Not sure how busy exactly Simatai has gotten over the years but since the Wall is really long there are definitely still more remote areas left more land inwards.



As mentioned in the first part of this trip about Beijing, we had a camera crew with us from the Belgian National Television. This is a quick glimpse of the crew in action.31650_10150160792160244_7733163_n












What is one of your fondest travel memory?


One thought on “Trip Down Memory Lane: The Great Wall 2007

  1. Am enjoying your photos of travel a few years ago including this blog about the Great Wall which does look much more dramatic climbing up and down ridges further than we could see where we accessed it while on a tour in 1984. Nana


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