My Summer Inspiration



Summer is on its way and since I booked my first trip of this fantastic season I am totally obsessed with Summer and the Summer feeling. I’m going to Bali and Gili Air in 25 days! (Yes, I’m doing a countdown… 🙂 ). I’m so excited for this trip as I have been wanting to go there for like the last 4-5 years and every time something came in between. But no stopping me this time!

So here is my Summer Inspiration mood board. Most pictures for this post come from Pinterest. I also absolutely love Pinterest (maybe I should add it to my Summer inspiration.), I have had a profile on interest but except for looking for references for photo shoots I didn’t really do much on Pinterest. Until recently when I had to start actively searching for references and ideas for an upcoming secret project. I have quite the visual mind so I love looking at pictures and Pinterest has so many amazing pictures! It’s also great to get new ideas and to come up with new holiday destinations or look for inspiration for outfits.

Anyway the first picture above is totally what Summer means to me and what captures that Summer feeling. Although I still have to go to work during the week and live in China, have no extra time off etc. (basically my life is still the same during Summer than it is the rest of the year haha) but it just feels more free, more trips planned, enjoy the weekends more to the fullest, beach parties, bbq’s etc. Summer is just free and optimistic. Aaargh I love it!


The picture above is something I’ve been dreaming to do for a while now and finally will be able to do! On my first night in Bali I want to sit on the beach and watch the sunset. It’s such a simple thing but there is something so magical about watching the sunset and specially on the beach. I just get so excited for it… ask my mum anytime about when we were in Koh Lanta and I had to leave the beach to get ready because I wanted to watch the sunset on… the beach. Only much later did I realize I could’ve just stayed on the beach but obviously my mind was also on holiday mood then.

I read that Potato Head, La Plancha and Ku De Ta in Seminyak are the places to go watch the sunset with a drink in hand. So if anyone can advise me which one of these 3 to go?


The boho chic style is somewhat my style throughout the year but even more during Summer. It’s that same Summer feeling I was writing about before, it feels like freedom and also wanderlust. Like long warm days, eternal holidays and I just think it suits me as well.


My trip to Gili Air is also to get my Scuba Open Water Certificate. Since doing my Discovery dive in New Zealand back in March I can’t stop thinking about anything else… So I just decided to book it before I find another reason to postpone it.


My trip to Indonesia is actually also about so much more than just the destination and the Scuba dive trip… One of my dearest friends Joeri, he has been living on Gili Air for the last 3 years and I finally  get the chance to visit him. Before he moved there he came to visit me in Xiamen. He is  a dive instructor there (actually right now he is doing his exam to become an instructor to the instructors) so honestly what better way to do my Open Water Course when one of my best friends will be my instructor? I feel so lucky!



Summer  to me is also about hanging out with friends, act a bit more crazy than usual, listening to Summer tunes, drink refreshing cocktails (sometimes one too many). Here in Xiamen Summer is also going on boat trips and beach parties! The first one to be this Saturday actually! Can’t wait!


I think most ladies will agree with me that Summer is also about Bikinis!! Over the years I’ve always gotten the cheaper ones from like high street chains and I was going to do the same thing this year but I wanted to find one that would stay on no matter what I did. Yes, I have constant wardrobe malfunctions in my bikinis or just feel like I can’t move. I also just want to feel comfortable and look good, cause always feel quite self-conscious when I have to wear a bikini and then my friend told me about this swimwear brand called ‘Triangl’ . It’s an Australian managed brand that is located in Hong Kong and their bikinis are made from Neoprene, it’s the same fabric as wetsuits. Which means they are supercomfortable and they actually stay where they are supposed to stay cause the Neoprene sticks to your body. They ship everywhere in the world so… here is the link:  TRIANGL

What’s your Summer inspiration?


3 thoughts on “My Summer Inspiration

  1. AH! This post made my almost die of jealousy because a) you’re going to INDONESIA and b) over here, we’re just going into winter… sigh. Maybe I should do a post on Winter inspiration – I’ll definitely need it. Have the most amazing trip x


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