Ms. Min


After all the emails I get on her brand, it’s about time I write a post on one of my favorite designers, and I’m also lucky enough to call her my friend… Ms. Min.

Min Liu is a Chinese designer who decided to follow her fashion dream and went to study at London College of Fashion where she graduated in 2007. To grow up in China without a fashion background in her family it’s actually very special to pursue a career in fashion or anything creative. Creativity is not something that is stimulated in Chinese education and a lot of people don’t find it a useful skill.

Luckily Min has very supportive parents that allowed her the opportunity to follow her dream, believe me when you see Min, you know she is destined for this.

After her graduation she stayed in Europe and did an internship at Viktor & Rolf. Personally when I see her designs and collections I feel that this brand quite suits her… It’s quirky and outstanding in a very feminine way… Just like Min.

When it was time to come back to China she started working as one of the designers at Ports 1961.

However in 2010 It was time for this fashion genius to start her own label and follow her own style… With that she made a lot of women very happy!

Min has a very unique style… It’s elegant, feminine, beautiful, chic but still unbelievably comfortable and cool. Not quite sure how she does it but she can make the most chic skirt in very precious fabric feel as comfortable as wearing a bed sheet while you feel like a princess (personal experience J ).  Her collection can give the perfect balance between feminine with the right amount of masculinity, you know what I mean ladies; we all want to look gorgeous but not too precious. When I wear her clothes I feel beautiful, powerful and dressed up for any occasion.

She gets and understands what women really want, how they want to look, what they want to wear and how they want to feel… This is a very rare thing to find the perfect combination between all those factors… Min doesn’t take this for granted… Besides being ridiculously talented she is also an extreme perfectionist… If a piece doesn’t meet all those requirements, if they aren’t perfectly constructed and 100% what she has in mind than it is just not good enough. It’s almost a mathematical process… But she has the right formula.

Every season we look forward to what she designed this time and when we saw the pictures for the first time there were a lot of “ooohh’s” ,“aaaawww’s” and “ I want’s” followed by immediate researches online to make the wishlists…

Every season she makes it better and better but this time she really went to great lengths. Min is the sort of designer that couldn’t find the right type of lace for her collection so in between designing her latest collection (next to the several other ones she does a year), special collaborations, press attendances, designing her new studio etc… She still found the time to design her own lace that matches her collection.

So with this lace, lots of gorgeous silks, light cashmere and linen fabrics that you don’t want to take of this Summer she designed her collection for Spring/Summer 2014


Whatever words I will say to describe how wonderful this collection is won’t do justice to it… I literally wanted every piece of it…
















To find out more about Ms. Min or to shop online; Click Here

All photos are owned by Ms. Min


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