Xiamen: Along The Old Train Track



This weekend we decided to become tourists in our own city. We heard there was a lovely walk that goes through the island and it actually follows an old train track.

This is a part of the view from my apartment where we started the walk. Xiamen is an island but really close to the mainland. So the land in the distance is China mainland as we call it.

This is the fishing harbour of Xiamen. These days the boats offer much more than just fishing… They will also serve as a passenger ferry for farmers coming from the mainland… Or better for us… During Summer weekends we would also rent them (incl. captain) with a group of 15 – 20 people to take us out to the ocean for an afternoon and we can just enjoy the water and the sun and some bbq. Not quite as luxurious as a yacht but definitely lots of fun.


Like everywhere in Asia, China also has lots of street food everywhere.


An example of one of many massive construction sites in China. Not sure if you can spot the people in the bottom? It gives you a perspective just how massive this construction site is.IMG_0536

The picturesque island of Gulangyu, one of the main tourist attraction in Xiamen and definitely not very pleasant to go there in weekends but a must do when you are here during the week. It’s an old portuguese colonial island where the missionaries used to stay. It’s a very good mix between the east and the west. You’ll find lots of European style villas here mixed with Chinese details, temples etc. IMG_0542


I just love it how old people are so social in China. They will go dancing in the park, play instruments, drink tea and play mahjong for hours… No sitting at home for them 🙂IMG_0554


What to do when you are drying your laundry in the park? Play some music…IMG_0566


When I just arrived in Xiamen, as a student and being rather poor, this is where my friend and I chose to stay. An apartment like this was our home for a year. Let me tell you it was ‘charming’ but I don’t really miss it.IMG_0579


How cute is this old train station? I can already see some beautiful Chinese lady waiting for her lover to come back by train from the countryside.IMG_0590

So shoemaker, tailor and convenient store in one… that’s a concept right there…IMG_0593


This is at the end of the walk and one of my favorite streets in Xiamen. It’s nicknamed flowerstreet because there are hundreds of flower shops in this street. All showing their goods outside, which makes it a very beautiful sight and crazy fragrant. Which is very welcoming cause the normal smells in the streets here aren’t particularly nice 🙂IMG_0600


One thought on “Xiamen: Along The Old Train Track

  1. Thanks so much for this photographic tour of Xiamin via the old railway line. I have wondered just what Xiamin was like and you are now enabling me to actually see it.


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