Photo Of The Week; Week 1

Hi all, so I decided to start a new ‘section’ on this blog… Picture Of The Week. I know it’s not very original and yes, I did get the idea from other blogs but I just think it’s a fun way to recap your week and show what’s been going on. So every Wednesday I will show 5 of my most liked pictures on instagram from the previous week. 

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Finally Arrived In Bali…


After weeks of counting down and dreaming about exotic Indonesia, I finally arrived in Bali. I loved getting out of the airplane and smelling that South East Asian summer and feeling the warmth on my skin. Ok true it’s not that different from Xiamen but still… It’s holiday so it feels a bit different.

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Interview With Triangl Swimwear!



Recently when I was looking for a new bikini that wouldn’t fall off when taking off a wetsuit during my upcoming trip to Bali and Gili Air, my friend told me about this swimwear brand ‘Triangl’, she said that their bikinis are in neoprene (which is wetsuit material) I thought that was a pretty cool idea but didn’t really know what to expect. I mean neoprene, it’s not like a wetsuit looks particularly sexy or feels comfortable. But curious enough i decided to check them out on Instagram… Yes, I LOVE instagram… follow me here  🙂

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Claudia Borella

BORELLATransference 19transference 19

I am so excited for this article! When I was in New Zealand back in March we went to a small town called Whanganui to attend the wedding of some very good friends of us.  We know them from China but they are originally from Whanganui and had the wedding back in their home town. The wedding was absolutely breath-taking but that’s not what this article is about. Back in Whanganui I also got introduced to this amazing glass artist through other friends. Her name is Claudia Borella.

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My Summer Inspiration



Summer is on its way and since I booked my first trip of this fantastic season I am totally obsessed with Summer and the Summer feeling. I’m going to Bali and Gili Air in 25 days! (Yes, I’m doing a countdown… 🙂 ). I’m so excited for this trip as I have been wanting to go there for like the last 4-5 years and every time something came in between. But no stopping me this time!

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Trip Down Memory Lane: Chengde 2007


Did I mention already that it was one of the coldest Winter in the last 60 years and that we were all really struggling in this cold? Plus… We also were not properly prepared AT ALL! Anyway besides going to Beijing and the Great Wall, we also went about 3 hours more up North to a city called Chengde in the province of Hebei. It’s not very well-known but if you are in Beijing and you have the time to do the drive up North and stay there 1-2 nights it’s really worth it… I would recommend to go in Spring or Fall and not Winter. p.s.: The picture above, that is actually a frozen lake (just to give you an idea of how cold it was)

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Trip Down Memory Lane: Beijing 2007



The first time I went to China was in 2007. I went on a group trip with my fellow university students. It was going to be one week where we visited Beijing, Chengde (yes, you read it right not Chengdu but Chengde) and of course the Great Wall. Thinking about it now that was a LOT to see in one week. Considering that you can easily spend an entire week already visiting Beijing. Anyway I guess it’s safe to say that this trip probably changed my life, where my passion for China and Asia truly began and it’s also the start of where I am in my life today.

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My Interview With

My Interview With

For all my Dutch speaking readers… Sunday my interview with the Belgian fashion website was published.

Just wanted to share the news and the link with you…

For all my other readers… Google translate will be your friend 🙂

It’s an interview talking about my life here in China, working in fashion in the Far East and how the culture and style is different from the our Western culture.

Home Away From Home: Xiamen, the beach


I’ve been living in Xiamen almost 4 years now so I thought that it is about time to write a post on my ‘home’ away from home. For those who don’t know where Xiamen is; It’s a small island between Shanghai and Hong Kong, in front of Taiwan. For Chinese standards Xiamen is quite a special place… It’s less crowded than some other cities, except near the tourist areas, it’s cleaner; less pollution, less junk thrown around everywhere and a lot of outdoors activities are going on here. We also have the beach (although as you will see in this post it’s nothing like the pristine beach in South-East Asia), we have palm trees, botanical gardens a very summery climate and lots of great people.

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Paihia and a little bit Owhango


Over in Paihia we did this 10km return hike to the Haruru falls. It was a nice walk up and down some hills with some beautiful views along the way and most of all just the feeling to be away from city life and fully enjoy what nature has to offer. Along the walk there was this wooden path that took us right through a mangrove, it’s the Waitangi National Trust mangrove. It was a very cool type Lord Of The Rings feeling in there. I could just imagine how all of a sudden the mangrove would swallow us. It was fully submerged with shallow water on our way there but on the way back not that much later it was totally dry and we could hear the sound of little crabs catching their prey. It was just so nice to be there cause it felt like we were so far away from everything.

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Around Tane Mahuta…



Just came back from NZ… Yet again it was such an amazing trip. I tell you this country is incredible! the nature, the activities, the vibe, the friendliness, the people… don’t know where to begin or where to stop.

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Backstage At Work



Thought it would be fun to share some pictures of you of one of the last photo shoots I did… The actual editorial will come out soon so watch out for the art inspired photo shoot we did with the Summer collections.

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Winter Wonderland in Stockholm part 2



After many problems with my computer, HD cards and the great Chinese firewall I’m finely back on track with the blog. So I thought I will just take off where I left but probably will improve the blog and send it in a slightly different direction from now on with lots of exciting new things… I still have some pictures to show from my trip to Stockholm beginning last month. The first picture above is one from the hipster area of Sodermalm, we read about this cozy cafe there that was highly recommended so we decided to make our way over there while exploring the area.

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Ghent By Night


Sorry for the silence this week. I had some problems with my SD card but back on track now. I’m in Belgium right now, more specifically in Ghent at my mum’s place. Ghent is a very small but very cozy city in Flanders, imagine small little alleys, cute houses and cafés where you can drink a delicious hot chocolate with Belgian waffles or where you can try a wide range of Belgium specialty beers. I grew up in this city and the suburbs until I was about 10 years old so it’s always pleasant to come back and relive a lot of these childhood memories but most of all every time I am so mesmerized by the beauty of this city. It’s medieval character and historical buildings that are lit up at night make the city so cozy and picturesque, definitely in Winter times. Although I can’t deal with the cold, I do love to just walk around and soak up all the beauty of the city. It’s for sure not a metropolitan city, it’s very provincial but it adds to the charm… If you are ever in Belgium, don’t forget to visit Ghent.

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Hong Kong Snapshot


I was in Hong Kong yesterday and I was meant to have a 12 hour layover but due to the thousands and thousands of extra flights in China over Chinese New Year (yes, the craziness already started) my flight was delayed with several hours that all my plans kind of got canceled, but still wanted to share a few snapshots with you to see what I did while there…

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Collar Up



You could say that this looks is inspired by menswear. It’s my kind of power dressing.  Dressed up yet it gives a very nonchalant edge with the untucked shirt and the straight collar.

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At Work!


Say hi to my lovely colleagues!

I’m going to Europe next week so this week and next week I will be spending a lot of time in the office preparing the trip and finalizing some projects before I leave…

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Obsessed! Marc by Marc Jacobs PE2014

SS14_Marc by Marc Jacobs_40


We are in full force now working on the Spring Summer 2014 collections and when I saw this one by Marc by Marc Jacobs a while ago I was so excited!! I just love EVERYTHING  about this collection… the sporty chic combo is such a winner for me and then the colors and the fabrics! Oh my! Heaven! So here are a few of my favorite looks…

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Nighttime Wanderer



This weekend was a fun weekend… Nothing special after all the festivities, just dinner and drinks last night… We are now watching our friends dog so before we went out we had to take the dog on a little walk. Took the camera with us and then decided to show you what I was wearing for the night…

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My Year In Pictures!

slide 4


Can’t believe it’s officially the end of the year! Time went so fast. I started going through all my pictures of this year and realized what an amazing year it has been thanks to all the wonderful people I shared it with. So thanks to all my family, friends and wonderful Jackson… Hopefully we can do it all over in 2014.

Happy New Year to everybody and may all your dreams come true!

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So Fur, So Good


I just love those winter days where it’s actually cold outside but with a bright blue sky and lots of sunshine. Guess what? Today was exactly one of those days so I decided to take advantage of it and spend some time outside before the next round of Christmas festivities.  Want to see more of what I’m wearing?  Continue reading